Trainer Recommended


OLK9 Dog Packs are thoughtfully chosen, trainer tested, high quality dog toys and treats shipped to your door.

Interactive Toys


We’re including toys that are interactive, for bonding time with you or to ease your dog’s boredom when you’re not there!

Treats Made In the USA


Look forward to only the best treats, made in the USA! Grain and chicken-free options available!

Products You Can Trust


Trust our combined experience as dog owners and trainers to choose toys and treats with your pack in mind! We know dogs!

Dog Packs

Our OLK9 Dog Packs are built from the love we have for our own packs, and your pack too! Our trainers combined have more than 1343 years of dog ownership, more than 365 years of dog training experience, and more than 193 years of dog rescue experience! We even have more than 153 years of military/police K9/SAR handling on the team! Bottom line – we know dogs. We know what works, what they love, and what holds up, and we wouldn’t send your pack anything our pack hasn’t already tested and loved!

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Multi-Dog Packs

Every dog lover knows when it comes to dogs, more is merrier! Spoil each and every member of your pack with our Multi-Dog Packs. They’re specially curated collections designed to please the entire pack!

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Antler of the Month Club

Have a healthy, natural, antler chew delivered to your door every month!

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What’s in our OLK9 Dog Packs? 

We’re sending carefully chosen collections of toys and treats perfect for your dog – products we’ve tested with our own dogs, trust and recommend.

Every pack contains:

  • A healthy, safe and natural antler chew
  • Treats proudly made in the U.S.A. (and grain-free if you like!)
  • One or more sturdy, trainer tested, interactive toy
  • Other hand-picked, quality items we know you’ll love!
What makes our OLK9 Dog Packs different from other subscription dog boxes?
  • We’re DOG TRAINERS. We’re also dog owners, handlers, and some of us are even dog rescuers! You can trust us when we choose products for our Dog Packs. We won’t send you anything that hasn’t worked for us!
  • You are your dog’s best friend, no one knows him better than you! After you purchase your Dog Pack, we’ll send you a link to give us a little more information about your pack. We’ll use that to make sure your four-legged friends know how much they’re loved, each and every time their Dog Pack arrives!
  • There’s an old adage that you get what you pay for. In this case, you actually get MORE than you pay for! We get a great deal on toys and treats for dogs, and we’re passing the savings on to you! We guarantee you couldn’t walk into a store and get the same value we’re sending!
How do I know you’re sending me quality stuff? 
  • We’ve tested a LOT of dog products, so we know what brands are worth the price. Take the guesswork out of shopping for your dog – consider us your new personal pet supply shoppers!
  • Our dogs are our Product Advisers, and they love their jobs! Read more about them here.
  • We guarantee it! If you don’t like what we send, we’ll make it right!
Why isn’t there a “premium” option like some other companies? 
  • ALL of our Dog Packs are filled with “premium” options – we would never send you less than the best!
  • Our Product Advisers (our dogs) are testing new products all the time, so we’ll never run out of great options to include. They take their jobs very seriously, and so do we! We won’t send your pack anything ours haven’t found to be safe, fun and worth bringing home!

Only the best, from our pack to yours!

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